Atheists, people of Islam and Liberal Protestantism scholars will scoff at the thought that the Bible contains knowledge about scientific matters that were written hundreds or even thousands of years before these things were actually discovered by man.  If you do a search on the Internet for "scientific foreknowledge in the Bible," you will get a seemly endless list of advocates and opponents to this notion.  True, the Bible was not composed as an apologetics textbook, and there is no apparent appeal in the Bible to the "scientific foreknowledge" argument for either the existence of God or the inspiration of the Bible.  Thus, "scientific foreknowledge" is unlike the clear Scriptural imperative for prophecy.

However, there are compelling reasons to suspect that Scientific Foreknowledge is found in the Bible.  And the more you consider it, the more plausible it becomes.  Thus, I will present some different scenarios that are highly suggestive, if not outright convincing of this concept.  First I will start with something I have intimate knowledge about, and that is medicine.  I am a retired physician, but I must say that medicine has been my preoccupation for most of my adult life.  I started my professional life as a medical missionary in Nigeria, and finished after giving 23 years of my life to serving people with developmental disabilities in a long-term residential facility in Texas.  Therefore, I am acutely interested in any Scientific Foreknowledge that could possibly refer to the field of medicine.

Therefore, let's look at the medical issue first, and then go from there.