Postmodernism appears to be a reaction to modernism that arose after what was perceived as the failure of modernism to prevent WW I & II.  It has been around since about 1950.  Postmodernism is a movement that has brought enormous change to culture, including change in the arts, literature, architecture, and religion.  Postmodernism is the main idea responsible for the decay of religion and morals in the West since 1950.  Postmodernism is critical of any rule and anything that sounds absolute.  In Postmodernism, there is not absolute truth because all truth is relative.  Diversity and tolerance triumphs over truth.  The greatest evil in postmodernism is to say you have absolute truth.  In postmodernism, your truth is your truth, and my truth is my truth, and we are to celebrate the diversity of our truths.

The Postmodern mind hates Christ, for He said,

6 Jesus said to him, "I am the way, and the truth, and the life. No one comes to the Father except through me. John 14:6 (ESV)

Therefore, whether it be Oprah Winfrey saying that there cannot be just one way to heaven, or Barack Obama referring to the Koran as the Holy Book of Islam, there is a hatred of Christ and of the Bible among the elite.  The arts, literature and religion are all going in this same direction at breakneck speed.  Television gets filthier by the day, and movies that are decent for children are harder and harder to find.  Rather than being concerned about our children's real educational needs, our culture now forces approval of homosexuality on kindergarteners.  When you have no absolute truth, there is no rational basis for law.  Therefore, the fruits of Postmodernism are prisons overflowing with prisoners.  In the absence of absolute truth, who can tell those prisoners they did wrong?

Yet what lies before us is even worse that what we have so far experienced.  Without absolute truth, there is not rational paradigm to say that anything is wrong.  Without absolute truth, who can say that the age of consent for sex isn't 12?  The North America Man/Boy Love Association1 would certainly like to convince you of something like that.  You think this is impossible?  Who would have thought that our kindergarteners would be forced to accept homosexuality as normal behavior?  Do you think America's increasing fascination with Islam is the answer to protecting our women from violence and our children from pedophiles?  If so, then read about how Islam views women and also the child bride of Muhammad2,3,4.

In the midst of this increasing chaos called Postmodernism, there is the Bible.  It claims absolute truth.  It clams one Savior, and only one savior for the world.  What it calls sin is sin, and we must not practice it.  What it calls righteousness is righteousness, and we must lift that up and live it out in our daily lives.

Search your mind: are you Postmodern in your thinking?  Your probably are in some respects if you were born after WWII.  Realize that the Western Culture is becoming increasingly polluted, and there is not rational basis for changing that in the absence of the God-revealed absolute truth found in the Bible.