1. 4 to 7 changes of clothing for hot weather
  2. Long pants and cotton shirts for men
  3. Dresses for women
  4. 4 to 7 underwear
  5. Sox
  6. Something to sleep in
  7. Lightweight jacket for London
  8. Comfortable travel clothes for the airplane
  9. Comfortable walking shoes—tennis shoes are good
  10. Christ
  11. Hat
The Ghanaians will wash clothing for us every couple of days so you don’t have to bring as many clothes.

Men please reserve shorts for the hotel.  Women reserve slacks for the hotel or travel days.

Miscellaneous Items:

This is merely a list of suggestions.  Everyone has his/her own idea of what is best to take and what is necessary:

  1. Carry-on-bag to be kept with you
  2. 2 or 4 quart canteen
  3. Prayerful attitude
  4. Extra Eyeglasses or contacts
  5. Servant’s heart
  6. 2 rolls of toilet paper
  7. Bible lessons
  8. Chart
  9. Boldness
  10. Antibacterial hand soap
  11. Baby wipes
  12. 4 handkerchiefs
  13. Dependence on God
  14. Toiletries—toothbrush & paste, comb, deodorant, shampoo, etc.
  15. Extra prescription medicines
  16. Ballpoint pen and small notebook
  17. 2 flashlights with extra batteries
  18. 2 flat twin sheets
  19. Pillowcase
  20. Sunglasses
  21. Carmex or lip balm
  22. Baby powder to help you stay dry
  23. Mosquito repellent—95% DEET available, but 30-35% is effective
  24. Bible
  25. Thongs or sandals for shower
  26. Bath soap
  27. Camera & film
  28. 3 bath towels
  29. Travel pillow
  30. Playing cards, books, Walkman & tapes
  31. Larium or other malaria medication
  32. Journal

Food Suggestions:

The sisters will cook for us, but you will be on your own for lunch each day while you are out teaching.  We will go to the grocery store in Ghana to buy bottled water and cokes.  While there are some food items that you can buy in Ghana, your choices are limited.  It is better to bring what you will eat from home.  These suggestions are foods that have worked well for others.  Bring what suits your tastes.  Oh, and don’t forget to bring your hunger and thirst for righteousness!


  1. Tang
  2. Powdered creamer and sugar
  3. Coffee or Tea
  4. Instant Kool-Aid mix


  1. Canned chicken
  2. Beef Jerky
  3. Ravioli
  4. Mac & cheese
  5. Vienna sausages
  6. Gardhettos, Cheetos
  7. Pringles, crackers (packed in Tupperware-type containers)
  8. Peanut butter
  9. Chewing gum
  10. Pop tarts
  11. Canned tuna
  12. Canned lunches
  13. Spaghetti O’s
  14. Beenie Weenies
  15. Raisins and other dried fruits
  16. Pudding cups that don’t need refrigeration
  17. Granola bars
  18. Fruit Roll-ups
  19. Nuts
  20. Hard candy
  21. Camping-type foods
  22. Fig Newtons

Remember to bring things that don’t need refrigeration, that don’t need a can opener and that won’t melt. Remember to bring plastic spoons or forks for your lunches.