Objections against the Bible have been present for hundreds of years.  Yet most of those objecting have died, and the Bible is still standing.  It is like the story, the author unknown to me, of the heavy anvil that for hundreds of years has been hammered on so vigorously and steadily and without ceasing day and night, yet all the hammers lie broken and bent on the ground all around, but the anvil is still there, unchanged by all the trauma.  Such is the Bible.  Kings and communist rulers and Islamic nations and atheists and Liberal Protestantism theologians have tried to destroy it along with all the followers of Christ.  Yet the Bible remains, and Christians still exist.  But so many of those mighty rulers and nations and movements have fallen.  Enemies, real and present enemies, still are hammering on it with all their zeal.  Even in my own beloved America, myriads have charged and are charging at it with their mighty hammers, and among them are the highest governmental leaders and millionaires aplenty.  However, the Bible does not need an apology written for it by me.  It has survived more bitter attacks that this.  It is the word of God, and Jesus said His words will never pass away (Mt 24:35; Mk 13:31; Lk 21:33), and he is more than capable of keeping his promise.

Consider these facts from Wycliffe Bible Translators:

The worldwide status of Bible translation (2008)

6,909 ...the number of languages spoken in the world today
2,393 ...the number of languages without any of the Bible, but with a possible need of a Bible translation to begin
200,000,000    The number of people who speak the 2,393 languages where translation projects have not yet begun
1,998 ...the number of translation programs currently in progress for languages without adequate Scripture
nearly 80% ...amount of the world's remaining Bible translation needs that are located in the three areas of greatest need
1,168 ...the number of language communities which have access to the New Testament in their heart language
438 ...the number of language communities which have access to the entire Bible in the language they understand best
6,500,000,000 ...the number of language communities which have access to the entire Bible in the language they understand best
Although Bible translation is progressing at a more rapid rate today than ever before, an overwhelming amount of work has yet to be done.1

Indeed, the scope of the translation and distribution of the Bible is incredible!  It would appear that God is safeguarding His Bible from the onslaught against it in the West.

In my research, I have found that the most coordinated attack against the Bible is from Liberal Protestant theologians.  It is also the most dangerous attack, for these people seem to be trustworthy since they claim to be "Christians" and some even say that they are "conservative."  Actually they are conservative compared to atheists and people of Islam since they hold some belief in Christ.  However, it appears these are a fulfillment of Paul's prophecy:

...having the appearance of godliness, but denying its power. 2 Tim 3:5a (ESV)

Therefore, in this section there will be a presentation of Liberal Protestantism as well as a more general discussion of alleged Bible contradictions/discrepancies.

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