Is the Bible the Word of God?  There is much at stake in answering this question.  Atheism is completely set against the Bible, and conceives of it as the worse of all evil things.  For the atheist, the Bible and biblical Christianity are clear and present dangers to liberty in America, and must be strictly controlled and eventually eradicated from the minds of people throughout the world in order for there to be lasting peace.

In a similar way, Liberal Protestantism is convinced that the Bible is only a work of ancient men, and that the concept of God simply evolved from those primitive minds, a product of what they thought God ought to be.  For these liberals, the whole idea of saving men from their sins is completely displaced by a social gospel.  God is beyond human comprehension and knowledge.  Certainly the Bible holds no authority for these individuals.  Rather, their own intuitions and imaginations are their only real guides.

In the midst of this great confusion, the Bible has an objective message to communicate:  The Bible is the Word of God.  God can be known because He has communicated with man through the Bible.  He is the one who created us, and we can know His will for our lives by seeking His counsel in His Word.

We will now look as some of the evidences for the Bible as being the Word of God.