This page introduces the Objective Evidence that the Bible is Inspired.  I hope you will carefully consider these evidences.  These evidences are unique for the Bible, and they should be viewed in the context of "legal evidence" such as would be submitted in a court proceeding.  An attorney submits evidence to the court of law in an effort to persuade the jury that the person on trial is guilty or innocent.  I am presenting the evidence, and you are now the jury.  You must make your own informed decision.

I do not have a "Polyanna" complex of eternal optimism regarding everyone immediately accepting the evidence I am about to present.  However, some many decide that the evidence is so weighty that the wise thing to do is to become a Christian.  If that is your decision, then I will rejoice!  However, if you can't make that decision, then I hope we can still be friends.  I have known many who have taken years to make this very important decision.  My goal is not to make enemies by presenting this evidence, but to give opportunity for people to think and consider these evidences, for these evidences are NOT "of no account."

This section is large because I wish to submit substantial evidence, the weight of which, in my opinion, should persuade reasonable and logical persons with open minds that the Bible is the Word of God.  The major subdivisions of this presentation are as follows:
  1. Evidences that the Bible is Inspired.
  2. Evidences that support Old Testament history.
  3. Evidences of the historical Jesus from non-biblical writers.
  4. The objective nature of Christianity.
  5. The resurrection of Christ.
  6. The destiny of Christ.

Some of these major evidences are in the process of being written, so have patience if you do not find all you are looking for yet.

This presentation of evidence is not from a neutral standpoint.  That is, I will present the evidence in favor of the Bible.  I do not intend to dwell on any arguments to the contrary during the presentation of the evidence.  However, in the last two major sections, I will explore objections against the Bible as well as barriers to belief in God.