In this section, I will attempt to give evidence that supports Old Testament history.  The need for this approach is urgent because many colleges and universities, including many who call themselves "Christian," teach that the Old Testament is comprised of myths and has no real historical basis.

In regards to this, the writings of Ted Stewart have been very helpful to me.  I certainly recommend his course entitled Apologetics 2: New Discoveries that Confirm the Bible.  You can audit this course on-line for $25 through SIBI's extension program.  The link for this is at ENDNOTE 1 where you can sign up as a student and select the course.  At this writing Ted's course cannot yet be taken for credit at the online site, but you can take it for credit by calling SIBI at 800-687-2121.

I will summarize some of the evidence for Old Testament history on the following pages.  I hope this will give you confidence that there is substantial evidence indicating that the Old Testament is not fiction, but rather is factual history.