I have chosen on this webpage to give an answer to Mr. Emmett F. Fields' arguments regarding atheism.  He is a real person, he is an outspoken atheist, but most of all, he has put his arguments on the web so that everyone can know his thoughts.1  I strongly recommend that you consider reading his debate against a fundamentalist minister in 1983 at the indicated webpage.

We should understand the basis of atheistic argumentation, and Wikipedia provides a description of this:

Atheism tends toward skepticism regarding supernatural claims, citing lack of empiric evidence.  Common rationales include the problem of evil, the argument from inconsistent revelations, and the argument from nonbelief.  Other arguments for atheism range from the philosophical to the social to the historical.2

If you study closely Mr. Fields' presentation, you will see that he uses all the rationales that are mentioned above in the Wikipedia quote.  These are not just academic arguments for Mr. Fields.  Rather, these are thoughts that incite in him utter disgust, anger, and even rage at the idea of God, the Bible, and Christians.  After my own personal reading his debate, I know that he hates me and my precious Bible, and sees that the only way for world peace and prosperity is destruction of every religion, especially Christianity, and every religious book, especially the Bible.  His is no kind and considerate presentation.  I find in it no tone of compromise.  He is on a quest to utterly destroy the very idea of God.

I will attempt to address at least some of the objective issues Mr. Fields' presented.  There are a number of other kinds of issues that are subjectively based that I will not address.  These include his personal preferences as well as his emotional protests that come from his own personal beliefs about what kind of god would be acceptable to him.  In addition to these, note that the evidence for God is presented in the pages starting with IS THERE A GOD?  Also, the problem of evil is addressed separately on the page entitled Pain and Suffering.

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